Student Services

Peer Tutoring Services:

OSHKI’s Peer Tutoring Service gives students who are receiving high grades the opportunity to assist their fellow students. Peer Tutoring gives students valuable work experience and training they can use later in their career.

Tutoring Services:

Students who need assistance with a particular subject should talk to their instructors to pinpoint the areas of need. If needed, they will be referred to the Student Support Worker for assistance in obtaining a tutor.

Elders Program:

OSHKI recognizes the importance of providing students with every opportunity to be successful in both their personal and professional careers. With the input of students, faculty and staff, the Elder-on-Campus Program was created.

Services provided by the elder include:

  • Counselling and referral
  • Cultural awareness
  • Traditional teachings
  • Opening and closing prayers
  • Circle ceremonies
  • Aboriginal drumming and singing
  • Supplementary teaching relevant to curriculum
  • Incorporation of Indigenous knowledge

"The Migizi Cultural Room" -a place for you

The Elder may be requested by a student or member of faculty through the Student Support Worker.